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Stuff you should know about, If You Don’t Already: DadBoner Twitter Feed by Flama Blanca
April 9, 2012, 10:05 am
Filed under: SYSKAIFDA

Welcome to “Stuff You Should Know About, If You Don’t Already”. “SYSKAIFDA” is designed to keep our readers “in the loop” on trending, random crap that we think is funny, awesome, or just generally worthwhile. And if you already knew about it? Kiss our ass, we really don’t care if it’s old news, you hipster douchebag. Just read it, check out what we told you, and either love it because you haven’t seen it, or thank us for reminding you to check it out again.

Our first installment highlights the exploits of Karl Welzein, or as he is known to the Twittersphere, @dadboner.

Karl is a genius. Recently divorced from his wife, Ann, he is living with his buddy Dave in Detroit and just generally being awesome. I cannot exaggerate enough how this feed NEEDS to be read daily, because it is absolutely hilarious. Karl is the best internet-developed character around (Non-Cat Division). His obnoxiously contracted words (eg: “celebraish”), and love of Bud Light Platinums (or “‘Nums”) make me come dangerously close to pissing myself on a daily basis.

Again, if you aren’t up on @dadboner, get up on it. If you are, you are welcome that I reminded you to go check it out this morning. And go f*ck yourself for being a consescending scumbag.


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