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Is This The Most Overblown Hero Ever? by Dutch
April 10, 2012, 3:10 pm
Filed under: Current Events

Fox News –  A middle school student is being credited with saving a school bus full of kids after he drove the bus to safety after the driver passed out behind the wheel from an apparent heart attack.

“I was just thinking I don’t want to die,” Wuitschick said. “I turned to the right. Turned to the side of the road. Took the keys out of the ignition. We started slowing down, and I said, `Somebody call 911!”‘

Though Jeremy is being credited with saving the students and the driver from serious injury, he says he wishes he could have done more to help. He told Q13 Fox the incident has inspired him to learn CPR.

“When something major happens, I look back to see if there’s something I could’ve done better,” he said.

Jeremy, you could have done everything better.  So get off your high horse and take a seat with all us mere mortals who can also turn a steering wheel a few inches to the right and let a bus coast to a stop.  You did absolutely nothing that a 5 year old couldn’t do.  My dad use to let me drive his car when I was little and I drove that shit down the road.  Gas pedal and break pedal.  The least you could have done was drive the dude to the hospital or at least get everyone to school.

Also, there’s something so fishy about this kids story.  You say you took the keys out of the ignition and then the bus started slowing down.  Dude, everyone knows the keys don’t come out of a ignition until you put the transmission in park.  This is the problem with kids today, they embellish the shit out of their accomplishments.


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