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Giant Rats Running Around England Apparently by Dutch
April 24, 2012, 11:00 am
Filed under: Current Events

HuffPost – An English man named Brian Watson killed a large rat his granddaughter’s boyfriend found while cutting grass.

“I heard him shouting there was a large rat,” Watson told Sky News. “I came running round the corner. I managed to grab some wood on the way … it wasn’t very fast. I’ve never seen a rat as big in my life before.”

Why are some english accents totally sexy but then you have Doofus McDipshit over here sounds like his mouth is full marbles?  Is this guy the biggest retard on the planet? Oh yea? You “der da rat, odr yer, mumble mumble mumble, yunigs”.

First mistake is killing this thing.  You know you have problems when the first thing you think when you see a giant rat is to chase it down with a 2×4 and beat it to death.  I’m thinking ROUS in the fire swamp and getting the hell out of there.  When you simply chase down a large rat that isn’t fast at all and beat it to death, you’re telling everyone you are a serial killer.  2nd, you what!?  You burned it?  This has bigfoot stank all over it.  That’s such a shady move, I can’t believe anyone is taking this guy seriously.  The photo is 100% photo shopped anyway.  Any amateur can see that.

P.S. I just have to say that English people are the worst commenters ever.  Seriously, read the comments on this article and tell me different.


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