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Czech’s Replace Polish As Easiest to Fool by Dutch
May 1, 2012, 2:00 pm
Filed under: Current Events

HP – There’s a million-dollar gap in the Czech Republic’s railroad budget thanks to the theft of a 10-ton bridge near the eastern town of Slavkov.

The bridge burglary is being credited to a “train gang” who reportedly arrived at Slavkov depot with forged paperwork claiming that the footbridge over the disused railway track had to come down, the Telegraph reported.

Railway spokesman Pavel Halla told the paper that the thieves said they had been hired to demolish the bridge, and remove the unwanted railway track to make way for a new cycle route.

“It was only after they had gone that checks were made and we realized we’d been had,” Halla said. “The cost of replacing the bridge will run into millions.”

Theives just making bridges disappear like David Copperfield or some shit.  Train gangs just running the show over there.  Imagine the balls on these guys.  “Wanna go steal some cash from the bank?” “No, way too easy.  Let’s steal a bridge.”  “Great idea!”

Jokes on them though.  Imagine putting that thing back together?  Where are they even going to put it, their back yard?  Uh, yes.  Nothing says baller like a bridge in your back yard.  Just getting laid for days, one chick right after the other.


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