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Absolute Blasphemy by Flama Blanca
May 8, 2012, 10:15 am
Filed under: Sports

So I am reading this article on The Art of Manliness this morning listing the best baseball movie of all time, which is a thoughtfully compiled list that I actually have a ton of agreement with. It lists comedies, dramas, and even documentaries about the greatest sport in the world. There was, however, one GLARING error in the piece, which is shown above (**note – if you don’t know what is wrong with the above picture, stop reading because you aren’t going to like me very much).

Now that we have gotten rid of the amateurs, is that not the most fucking ridiculous thing you have ever seen? Seeing Roy Hobbs throw with his right hand is like seeing Jesus sink in water. Again, The Art of Manliness does a great job, including with this list. But the fact that this oversight occurred makes me so angry I want to punch my computer screen. Also, this line:

Beautifully shot and masterfully scored, you’ll be bawling like a baby by the time the credits roll.

Full disclosure, The Natural is my favorite movie of all time. It features an unbelievable musical accompaniment, is artfully shot, and the uniforms are impeccable. I have seen this movie about 356323476354221 times, including last week. With that said, I have NEVER felt any urge to cry at the end of this movie. The ending is triumphant, as (spoiler alert on a 30 year old movie!!!)  Hobbs rounds the bases amidst the sparking lights. Now, I am not being a tough guy, since I cry like a bitch every time I watch “Bang the Drum Slowly”, because if you don’t you are a heartless, soulless animal. But to label “The Natural” as a tearjerker is just inaccurate.  Aside from this, I emphatically endorse TAoM. Shit, I am even on board with the rest of this article. But get your shit together for Christsakes.


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