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I Hate This Kid by Dutch
May 10, 2012, 10:45 am
Filed under: Video

God I hate this kid.  I hate him so much because (to semi-steal a quote from Knocked Up) I wish I could enjoy anything as much as this kid.  As of right now, I would have not been impressed with that dinosaur one bit.  It would have literally needed to start running AT me with full movement for me to even remotely have been scared.  Plus, I would be thinking, “Oh shit!  The robot has learned to think for itself!”

No, instead, this kid believed he was looking at a real dinosaur.  I can’t even remember how that feels but it must be incredible.  For a second, I thought the kid was going to stand his ground.  Straight up staring contest with the t-rex.  Then “RUN! RUN!” hahahaha.  I laughed so hard at that.  He’s being the hero, warning people down the path and shit.

P.S. How comfortable do those front baby carriers look?  That baby is in heaven, guaranteed.  If someone could build a adult size one, I’d 100% sleep in it.


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