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Krokodil is the most fitting name of all time by Flama Blanca
May 29, 2012, 4:30 pm
Filed under: Current Events

Via io9

It sounds like a direct-to-Netflix horror movie plot — a cheap, addictive drug available in a foreign land, that turns the user’s skin a scaly green color. Soon it rots the flesh, causing the user’s skin to emulate that of a crocodile, leaving bone and muscle tissue exposed to the world. But the Russian drug known as krokodil is real.

So, no big deal. Just your average every day FLESH EATING FUCKING DRUG. This is honestly some of the grossest shit I have ever seen, and you are talking about a guy that surfs the interweb for a (paltry) living. This is what happens when your country has collectively ingested so much vodka that its effects are rendered useless. “Welp, we can’t get drunk anymore, so it’s time to try something else”. It’s pretty obvious that if this was going to happen anywhere, it would be Russia.

Oh, and THIS:


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