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Mark Paul Goselaaaaaaar wouldn’t know good tv if it bit him in the ass by Flama Blanca
June 6, 2012, 11:30 am
Filed under: Entertainment, Ridiculous

via Yahoo! – But try as he might, Gosselaar can’t escape his most famous role: teen Zack Morris on the cheesetastic early-‘90s relic “Saved by the Bell.” And to this day, Gosselaar can’t figure out why people are still so obsessed with the Bayside gang. In fact, he doesn’t think all that much of his TV launching pad: “It’s not a great show,” he admits. 

So, let me get this straight; the guy who has hitched his career’s wagon to “Franklin & Bash” thinks his opinion on quality television matters? Yeah, thanks for that.

“Saved By The Bell” is part of the fabric of my generation. Everyone remembers the first time they saw the very special episode about Jessie Spano’s speed problem like they remember the Fresh Prince yelling “how come he don’t want me mannnnnn???” (note: if you just went to google for either of those references, I hate you).

As a side note, was their a more disappointing cast than that of SBTB? I mean, you have stars from that era of TV popping up everywhere, and all that show gave us was this terrible show co-starring the midget from “Road Trip”, Lisa Turtle’s creepy white face, “Showgirls”,  and Screech making sex tapes. I guess you could point to Slater’s success, but what has he done as an actor besides play a gay diver? Hosting “America’s Best Dance Crew” is hardly winning a fucking emmy. Before they pass out from a combination of the painkillers and alcohol they ingest every night, they must all cry thinking about how Neil Patrick Harris has made himself a God while they haven’t done a thing.


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