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Lebron vs. Patriots, Who’s Worse? by Dutch
June 15, 2012, 2:00 pm
Filed under: Sports
So last night, watching Lebron and the Heat win was painful.  Not because I hate the Heat or am a OKC fan, but because I just don’t want Lebron to win….anything….ever.  He’s the quintessential POS athlete that is naturally gifted, has never worked for anything in his life and doesn’t feel he needs to act like anything but the spoiled, overindulged person that he is.  If you told me tomorrow that he read at a 2nd grade level, I’d call you a liar because I’m convinced the dude can’t even read.  That’s how easy I imagine his school career being.  Also, Old Flama hates the pats with a passion so I present this question to him:
Dutch: more hateable team, pats or heat
try to be objective and forget basketball is a terrible sport
Flama: nationally – it goes Yankees, Red Sox, Heat, Pats, Cowboys
that would be my perceived order
Dutch: who hates the Cowboys?
Flama: everyone over the age of 35
on a national basis, the pats havent done much to be “hated” but win
except all the steroids and cheating
but on the whole, I just don’t feel its on the same level with the Yankees and Heat
now, my PERSONAL hatred for all things Pats is off the charts.
Dutch: well yes, everyone knows people with a personal hatred of the Pats are irrational Cro-magnon men who fling poop at each other and lack the even most basic ability for reasonable cognitive thought
but it’s not so much I hate the heat
I just don’t want Lebron james and Chris Bosh to be alive
Flama: in general that may be true, but in my case I have a completely rational hatred for that Patriots that is intelligently constructed
I like Lebron a lot
I think he gets a bad rap, and secretly its Dwayne Wade that’s the cocksucker
Dutch: well if wade is then at least he hides it from me
James just needs to tell me everyday why I should hate him so much
that’s what bothers me
he reminds me every day
Flama: left his fat wife and child to date an actress
what did Lebron do wrong besides taking horrible advice about ‘the decision’
Dutch: she shouldn’t have gotten fat
what has he done wrong?
Flama: he’s the best player we’ve ever seen, and people shouldnt hate him for that
 Dutch: they hate him because he reminds people with his words
and his actions
and then doesn’t act like the best player when it suits him
he’s a cry baby
a poor sport
a show off
Flama: so is Garnett
how off?
so is every fucking basketball player
Dutch: no, not on the court
I’m talking about the parties
Flama: dumbest statement you have ever made
Dutch: his birthday shit
Flama: again
every athlete
Dutch: no
Dutch: Jordan
Nash isn’t on the same planet with those guys
Jordan is a douchebag, always has been
Dutch: Kevin Durant
Shane Battier
Flama: Jeter is an anomaly because his parents are the fucking Cosby’s
Shane Battier SUCKS
Dutch: you said every athlete
I’m proving you are a jackass
Flama: and Durant is a good point, though he plays in a market the size of a small village
Dutch: Chris Paul
Tony Parker
Flama: every super talented, super young athlete goes through these things
Dutch: Carmelo, he’s a dickbag, but still not as bad
I can go all day
Flama: only Jordan and Jeter have ever really encountered the type of success that LBJ has had on a personal level, and you know what?
Dutch: again, not true
Flama: hard to say no when everyone is handing you things
whats not true?
I think the fact that Lebron came about basically at the inception of crazy social media has killed him
so many great athletes in history were giant pieces of shit (ex: Jordan)
Dutch: Jordan was a pos
Flama: yet it was not publicized
Dutch: but he didn’t rub it in our faces
Flama: are you kidding?
Dutch: nope
Flama: he shot a fucking foul shot with his eyes closed
I don’t think Lebron rubs it in anyones face as much as our faces are everywhere now
Dutch: think what you want, he’s awful
Flama: no, he isn’t
he’s pre-steroid scandal ARod
everything on the planet is his fault
even though it’s not
Dutch: blah blah blah, I’ll be down in your neck of the woods tomorrow if you want to meet up once you get lebrons dick out of your butt

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