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Plane in China Hijacked, Passengers Promptly Get Up and Say “No F’in Way” by Dutch
June 29, 2012, 10:15 am
Filed under: Current Events

wiebo hijack1 Chinese Passengers, Crew Thwart Attempted Plane Hijacking

ABC News – An attempted hijacking of a Chinese passenger plane was thwarted today by crew members and passengers in the skies above the restive western Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Tianjin Airlines Flight 7554 was carrying 100 passengers from Hotan Airport to the regional capital of Urumqi when, 10 minutes into the flight, six men allegedly attempted to hijack the aircraft, according China’s Xinhua News Agency.

Crew members and passengers were ultimately able to subdue the men and the flight was rerouted back to the desert town of Hotan, where the hijackers were immediately taken into police custody.  Two in-flight policemen were seriously injured in the altercation while a flight attendant and seven of the passengers sustained slight injuries,  according to authorities.

Terrorists, please take a look at this picture.  That is a head being shoved down to the floor by 180 pissed off passengers.  Look, it was a great first act.  Totally took everyone by surprise, congratulations.  Everyone knows though, you don’t do the same show twice.  It gets old, it gets stale, and people literally won’t sit and wait patiently while it’s happening.

Personally, I’d rather be shot than sit there and do nothing while they fly a plane into another building.  That’s what these dickholes don’t get, it doesn’t matter if you’re in China, India, or the Congo.  Everyone in the world saw 9/11 and that’s when people stood up and said “No Fucking Way.”  So just quit it with the hijackings.  That will never work again.

P.S. Is there any worse place to commit a crime against a country than China?  At least with the US there is due process and 3 squares a day.  In China, they’ll just throw you somewhere with some moldy rice and a few pieces of straw and call it a day.  Bad move terrorists, bad move.


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