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Worst day of the year. Period. by Flama Blanca
July 11, 2012, 3:24 pm
Filed under: Ridiculous, Sports

You said it.

The day after the Major League All Star Game is the only day in the calendar year that does not have a single “Big 4” professional sports game scheduled. Before our one soccer fan reader emails me, please note that I said MAJOR. I know, I know. “But FB! FOOTBALL is so huge in Europe/South America/everyfuckingwhereelse”. Sorry folks, nobody in the good ol’ US of A gives a flying shit. In fact, nobody cares about hockey either, I only grouped it in becasue they aren’t playing either. It looks like I am actually going to have to go home and *gasp* talk to people. Rest assured there will be drinking involved.


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Yeah, today really sucks.

Comment by Sean Breslin

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