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Why the Knicks passed on Jeremy Lin, world continues spinning on axis by Flama Blanca
July 18, 2012, 10:15 am
Filed under: Current Events, Sports

As reported by every Goddamned news outlet on this planet and many others, the New York Knicks decided against matching the RIDICULOUS offer sheet that the Houston Rockets offered Jeremy Lin. Regardless of what you read elsewhere, this was the right move for the Knicks. Here’s why:

1 – Again, the offer was ridiculous. I am well aware of the media shitstorm he created last year, but ppaying this kid $25 million after just 25 games started is fucking crazy.

2 – He doesn’t fit there – Yes, he had a great run. Yes, he captivated a city. But when he was on the floor with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire, the kid looked LOST. This team needs a distributor that knows how to set up the iso game for Melo. Not a kid that picks up his dribble and traps himself every other possesion. Which brings us to…

3 – He just isn’t that good – Now, he may turn into the Asian John Stockton. Right now, though, he’s a 23 year old kid that had what amounts to less than one third of a season under his belt. Going on a tear for 2 weeks when nobody has ever seen you is hardly an indicator of the career you are going to have. Again, maybe he becomes a God, but…

4 – The Knicks are built to win NOW – Unfortunately, this franchise does not have the time to figure out if Jeremy Lin will pan out. They need to strike while Amar’e, Melo, and Chandler are in their primes, and that window is closing rapidly

5 – The luxury tax – I reiterate that even without the luxury tax, this contract is laughable. Add on the fact that Lin would cost the Knicks almost $50 million in year 3 alone, and I would not only pack his bags for Houston, but drive him to the airport personally.

6 – Miami made him look stupid – despite all of the Brooklyn Nets bullshit you are hearing, the Knicks have only one team to worry about. Regardless of what everyone thinks, the Knicks are 100% talented enough to be the number 2 team in the East next season. There isn’t another team that is clearly better outside of the Heat. It seems like people forget that the Heat made him look like a 6th grade CYO backup

And lastly, 7 – He didn’t want to be in New York any more – the fact remains that he didn’t HAVE to sign the offer sheet. If he didn’t realize the Knicks would not match this offer, then his agent is an asshole. I am all about getting every dime you can get, but Jeremy Lin had the rare opportunity to own the world’s biggest city, and his off the court earning power drops significantly in Houston. It was not a money decision. He wanted to leave

I am glad that I was able to clear that up for everyone. Good luck to Jeremy Lin and his future losing season in Houston.


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