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Lady Gaga is a thoughtful friend by Flama Blanca
September 13, 2012, 3:39 pm
Filed under: Current Events, Entertainment, Pics, Ridiculous

Lady Gaga got a new haircut to mourn the death of photographer Terry Richardson’s mother, which sounds nice. Unfortunately for Mrs. Richardson, the look that Gaga went with is that of the underside of a penis. RIP, indeed:

“I did it for u Terry,” Gaga wrote in a post to, including a photo, above, of her head shaved in the back to resemble Richardson’s hairline. “I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high.”

Um…. huh? There’s crazy, there’s batshit crazy, and floating somewhere in the stratosphere above that is Lady Gaga dressed in meat.


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