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Packers and Seahawks, is this the tipping point for the replacement ref era? by Dutch
September 25, 2012, 9:30 am
Filed under: Sports

I have no clue what’s going on anymore.  This was the icing on the cake of what could be called the worst officiated 4th quarter in football history.  It’s become painfully obvious that these ref’s have no business in the NFL.  As I said yesterday, I actually just feel bad for them.  They are the equivalent of a JV player asked to cover Larry Fitzgerald.

Let’s remember that the last play of the game was only set up by some of the tickiest taciest calls that even 8 year olds are allowed to get away with.  First was the roughing the passer call.  On that play, the ball was intercepted and should have, for all purposes, ended the game.  Then you had Sam Shields getting called for defensive pass interference.  A call that was questionable at best.  And it all comes down to the gif you see above.  One ref calling a interception (touch back), the other calling a touchdown. Let’s forget that Tate had a BLATANT push off of a packers defensive player.  This was so obviously a interception, my eyes started bleeding when they finally called it a touchdown.

When the refs don’t know the basic rules of the game it hurts everyone.  Only when the ball is simultaneously caught does the ball go to the passing team.  NFL rulebook states if a defensive player catches the ball but then becomes involved in a shared ball situation, the ball goes to the intercepting team.  Pretty straight forward if you ask me.

So this begs the question, is this the tipping point.  Easy answer, NO.  Do you think ginger-man cares at all?  I’ll tell you what stance I would take, because I consider myself an evil genius on par with Goodell and Belichick, I would say “hey, look what these holdout refs are doing.  It’s their fault these games are going poorly because they won’t negotiate.  We’ve been fair with them, but they are demanding too much.”  I’ll be every cent I have that Goodell comes back with that defense, if he even acknowledges the situation at all.


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