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Jimmy Hoffa’s Body May or May Not Be in Detroit by Flama Blanca
September 27, 2012, 10:45 am
Filed under: Current Events

Fox News – A tip from a dying man could finally be the missing clue in the mystery of what happened to Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa, who vanished 37 years ago. reports investigators are searching the ground beneath a suburban Detroit driveway after a man told authorities he saw a body being put into the ground around the same time Hoffa disappeared. The man is said to be dying of cancer and was not identified by police.

Could this finally dispel the rumor that Hoffa is in the concrete at Giants’ Stadium? I mean, that has been the assumption for like 35 years, hasn’t it?

The real point here is that there are ways to make your last days on earth entertaining. I mean, what if Hoffa isn’t in that driveway? This old coot just started spouting shit on his deathbed, and all of a sudden you have Police ready to jackhammer some poor asshole’s property. If I am ever faced with my own mortality, you can rest assured I will be fucking with everyone I can before I am gone. I might send the cops on over to Dutch’s house looking for Amelia Earhart’s body or some shit.


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