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Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair with Brigitte Nielsen by Dutch
October 1, 2012, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Current Events, Entertainment

arnold schwarzenegger and brigitte nielsen

First off, if Brigitte Nielson isn’t the answer, I don’t want to know the question.  As far as ginger’s go, she’s my numero uno.  You just can’t compete with that.

It’s being reported that in the upcoming release of Arnold’s memoir, he details the affair he had with Bridgette while he was with Maria Shriver.  According to Arnold, they weren’t married at the time (which doesn’t really make it any better).  In the debacle which is Arnie’s and Maria’s wedding, this is really just icing on the cake.  Love child, 3 affairs we know about, mexican’s, ginger’s, steroids, marijuana.  I mean, is there anything the terminator CAN’T do?


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