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Sandusky claims innocence on Penn State radio by Dutch
October 9, 2012, 10:30 am
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UPDATE:  Sandusky sentenced to no less than 30 years.  GO PENN!

I can’t even begin to go through all these statements.  He says so much shit that it all just runs together.  Basically, Sandusky is professing his innocence claiming the whole thing is a frame job starting with the first accuser who is apparently a “serial accuser” who has always wanted attention.  Fine dude, whatever.  EVEN IF we give you that one, what about the other 9 boys you were charged with?  I mean, is this dude serious?

Excuse me judge, I think you should let me go because I really really really didn’t do anything to that boy.  Well, Mr. Sandusky, what about the other 9?  Then I just picture him doing this:

Point is, he’s going to be sentenced today.  The 68 year old Sandusky will most likely spend the rest of his life in prison, and the grooming and fondling charges he was convicted of will be the least of his worries.  Can anyone say, “butt-hurt”?

To hear the audio, click here


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