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Lance Armstrong steps down, Nike lets him go, cycling still irrelevant by Dutch
October 17, 2012, 10:30 am
Filed under: Current Events, Sports

It’s being reported by several media outlets that Lance Armstrong has been forced to step down from his post as leadership at the Live Strong foundation.  The reason, “so the foundation can concentrate on it’s work and not be distracted by the doping scandal.”  At the same time, Nike has terminated their affiliation with Armstrong citing “Irrefutable evidence” that Armstrong used banned substances.

The only reason this is relevant is because now it’s open season for the god damn French to start in with their american hatred.  The French can now talk about how American’s are cheaters and frauds, blah blah blah.  Well I’m conducting a pre-emtive strike.  France, you have to live every day as French people.  Your claim to fame sport is cycling where it is only popular in the small south western part of Europe the size of 1/3 our country.  And in the last 25 years, in the only sport you take seriously, you’ve won a total of 0 that’s ZERO times.

Lance, you were an inspiration to cancer patients and athlete’s across our country and the globe.  I can’t even imagine how many lives you’ve saved, treatments you’ve funded, and overall good you’ve done.  To me, that outweigh’s whatever doping you did.


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