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Earthquakes and Zoomba hookers, that’s what Maine does! by Dutch
October 18, 2012, 10:30 am
Filed under: Current Events

Way to sprint to the head of the pack Maine!  Hot zoomba hooker one week, a earthquake the next.  What will you do next, Maine!?

It’s being reported that a 4.0 earthquake hit Hollis, Maine on Tuesday night and to be honest, the citizens of Maine couldn’t be happier.  Anything that takes away from the 240 or so gentlemen who will be named in the latest release of the zoomba hooker’s client list.

If you haven’t heard about the zoomba hooker, she’s a hot little fitness guru who decided to make a little on the side by offering everything from handy’s to anal, in an effort to make anything out of her life in Maine.  I mean, to be honest, it’s the perfect fit.  You get paid to stay in shape, then your shape pays off.  Just genius.  But I digress….

Maine has had more national coverage in the last 2 weeks than they’ve had in 20 years.  You go Maine, keep doing you thing.


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