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NFL Thursday Night Football recap by Dutch
October 19, 2012, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Sports

Harbaugh pissed off a ton of people last night.  On 4th and 17, Russel Wilson threw from his endzone but came up just a few inches short.  However, there was a chop block penalty in the endzone which results in a safety.  Instead of Harbaugh taking the 2 points AND getting the ball back, he chose just to get the ball back.

This makes me wonder if Harbaugh actually knows how football works.  Did he think he’d have to kick off to the Seahawks?  Is this the most  idiotic move by a coach in the NFL this year?  According to Vegas, bettors lost over $75 million due to the 49ners 7 point win when it should have been 9.  In almost every situation, you take the points, hands down.  Harbaugh should go into hiding for a few days because anyone who lost their shirt on his blunder is going to be piiiiiiiiiissed.

Seahawks 6 – 49er’s 13


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