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Chevy Chase goes nuts on set of Community, says N word by Flama Blanca
October 22, 2012, 10:30 am
Filed under: Entertainment

Any excuse to mention Fletch.

TMZ – Chevy Chase had another verbal outburst on the set of “Community” yesterday during filming, this time dropping the N-word during a rant about the direction of the show. 

Sources on set tell TMZ … Chase was complaining about the direction of his character, who he feels has grown increasingly bigoted as the years have gone on. We’re told Chase was becoming uncomfortable with the material and was frustrated that his previous conversations about the writing had seemingly gone ignored. 

According to our sources, Chase got so heated while discussing his character, he yelled out something along the lines of … What’s next? Am I gonna say the word ni**er?

We’re told Chase apologized to the cast and crew for the comment, which was not directed at anyone in particular, certainly not the show’s African-American cast members, Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown.

It’s official, Chevy Chase has officially become a character of himself. As a white male, I am fully aware of the fact that I am not allowed to use the N-word in any context. The truth is that anyone who does is batshit crazy. Using that words ends one of two ways – you get your ass kicked, you get fired, or both. Period  Even if you are just saying it to “prove a point”. Anybody who watches Community realizes that Chevy is a periphery character, and being written off just isn’t that big of a deal. Well, everybody except Chevy, I guess.


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