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NFL Week 7 Recap by Dutch
October 22, 2012, 3:00 pm
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Holy hell was this week ridiculous.  More underdogs have won this year than any year in NFL history and I can’t get a hold of any team in the league.  It’s either almost every team is trying to find themselves or every team is as bad as every other.  How is it that the only team of 32 that has their shit together are the Texans?  THE TEXANS.  We’re talking about established teams like the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Packers, and Saints who can’t get out of their own way.  It’s looney tunes, and this week proves it.  Here we go:

Steelers v Bengals – Apparently Jon Dwyer decided he’s a real RB after all, running for 122 yards in a 24-17 Steelers win.

Vikings v Cardinals – The Vikings just continue to limp through their season edging out wins however they need to.  Vikes 21 – Cards 14.

Titans v Bills – Those poor poor Bills.  Their defense could stop a 10 year old.  Tenn 35 – Buff 34.

Colts v Browns – In the battle of “Who Cares” Weeden is actually putting up some decent numbers but he still plays on the Browns.  That means Colts 17 – Browns 13.

Packers v Rams – I was actually starting to believe in the Rams a little bit.  But then the bi-polar Pack came to town and shut that idea out.  GB 30 – STL 20.

Raiders v Jaguars – How the hell did this game go to OT?  No way the Raiders should have made this a close game but they squeeked by a awful Jags team.  OAK 26 – JAX 23.

Patriots v Jets – If you didn’t watch this game I feel almost as bad for you as I do for someone who actually watched this game.  Are the Patriots the new worst best team in the league?  NE 29 – NYJ 26

Texans v Ravens – In the battle of the team best records in the AFC the Ravens completely disappointed.  Just no heart.  TEX 43 – BAL 13.

Cowboys v Panthers – This was supposed to be the game that Cam shook off his sophomore slump.  Maybe next week Cammy  cam.  DAL 19 – CAR 14.

Tonight we have Lions v Bears.  It actually should be a great game.  The Bears are a shocking 4 – 1 and Detroit looks like it might be gettings it’s act together after an OT win over the Eagles last week.  We’ll see what Stafford has in store.



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