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Donald Trump to announce Michelle Obama almost divorced Barack by Dutch
October 24, 2012, 9:12 am
Filed under: Current Events

Donald Trump has a big announcement today apparently.  It’s been speculated by the Daily Mail that it’s anything from Barack Obama has a love child in Chicago to Barack is secretly paying child support to two children in Chicago that were born to a woman he had an affair with several years ago.  However, it’s just come to light from several sources that Trump will announce that several years ago, Michelle drew up divorce papers but then declined to follow through with the divorce.

I’m not sure what affect Donald thinks this will have.  Since the divorce rate is nearly 50% in America, it would only help voters identify with him in a greater capacity.  Also, the fact that Michelle didn’t go through with it has more to say about their relationship than anything else.

Lastly, if we counted every time someone drew up divorce papers but never filed them, the divorce rate would be nearly 80%.  Everyone can’t stand their significant other at some point in their relationship.  It’s just a matter of if it blows over or gets worse.

Best of luck Trump, you’ll need it.


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