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Gangnam Style Halloween House is a thing by Flama Blanca
October 24, 2012, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Current Events, Video

Sure, this is great for the internet, and it’s going to get you a million views on YouTube. You know what though? Your neighbors fucking HATE you. They might go on the local news and say how great it is, and how their kids love it. But deep down they can’t stand that you a)make a traffic jam out of their fucking cul-de-sac and b) have to listen to their kids every day asking them why they can’t have a singing house ever Halloween. You know why, kid? Because daddy has a fucking JOB to worry about. You want a singing house, or do you want to get fed?


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This is too funny. Love the enthusiasm on your context! I’d be one of those angry neighbors. Especially since it’s overrated!

Comment by selindakaren

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