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If you live on the east coast, Hurricane Sandy is gonna fuck your world up by Flama Blanca
October 25, 2012, 10:30 am
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Source – “The weather system could have some similarities to the perfect storm,” says Paul Walker, senior meteorologist at in State College, Pa. “I’m not quite sure if it will be that bad.”

Oh, Jesus H. Christ. Since 1991, everything is going to be “the perfect storm”. These weather people are trying so hard to be the “that guy” to predict the catastrophe that they will say just about anything. It’s like watching Ken Rosenthal throw shit at the wall during the Winter Meetings. I live in the Northeast, near the coast. Last year, there were warnings that the entire coast was going to get buttfucked by a hurricane. Flying cows, busted windows, stop signs decapitating people, the works. You know what happened? Rain. Hard rain, but rain. I didn’t even lose power.

So, Paul Walker, I think I will take my chances and not stop boarding my windows if that’s ok.


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