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Justin Verlander is the worst World Series starter in history by Flama Blanca
October 25, 2012, 4:43 pm
Filed under: Sports – FROM ELIAS SPORTS BUREAU: Justin Verlander: 3rd AL pitcher to lose 1st 3 career World Series starts He’s the first since Lefty Williams, who was banned from baseball as part of the Black Sox Scandal.

So with Pablo Sandoval taking him behind the woodshed for 2 of his 3 home runs last night, Justin Verlander became the first American League pitcher to lose his 1st 3 World Series starts since 1919. Does that year sounds familiar? That’s right, 1919 was the year that the “Black Sox” threw the series on purpose and nearly destroyed the game of baseball. Lefty Williams was on noly on that team, but was one of the players banned for life for losing on purpose. My deductive reasoning tells me that in the last 100 years, the only guy who sucked worse than Justin Verlander on the biggest stage had to fuck up on PURPOSE to be that bad.

Giants in 6.


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Well I haven’t heard much about Kate Upton recently, that might be part of the problem.

Comment by OB (@kobrien26)

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