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Tim Tebow being named the most overrated player in the NFL makes zero sense by Dutch
October 25, 2012, 3:00 pm
Filed under: Sports

In a 180 player survey conducted by Sports Illustrated, 38% of those NFL players voted Tim Tebow the most overrated player in the NFL.  8% also voted Mark Sanchez, making him 2nd on the list.  What makes absolutely no sense is how he can be overrated.  Did any football fan expect him to do anything this year?  And for that matter, did anyone expect him to do anything last year?  In all honesty, he over-performed last year and exceeded all the expectations people had for him.  So how can people legit sit there and tell me that Tim Tebow is overrated?

I’ll tell you why, because they’re jealous.  Seriously.  You have 180 players who had to work their asses off to get where they are.  Regardless of what level these players are on, I guarantee you none of them have received the level of stardom Tebow has for doing absolutely nothing.  And that’s why he was picked, pure hatred of the level of success in the media and marketing world he’s had for doing zero.  Tebow is a special player, but he’s a plug-in player at best.  Good in special situations that can maximize his strength, speed, and passion to win.  The Jet’s aren’t using him correctly, and that’s not his fault, it’s theirs.


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