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Gene Hackman slaps homeless man by Dutch
November 1, 2012, 12:30 pm
Filed under: Entertainment

Yahoo is reporting that Tuesday around 1:30pm, a homeless man walked up to Hackman and his wife, Betsy Arakawa, and called her a “very dirty name” upon which Hackman did not hesitate to slap the man across the face and walk away.

There are 3 shocking things about this story:

  1. It was actually the homeless man that reported this.  Hackman simply handled his business and went on living instead of crying like Kanye at the Emmy’s.
  2. Hackman is 82 years old.  Yes, 82.  How the hell did that happen?
  3. He only has 2 Oscar’s.  Just 2, for The French Connection and Unforgiven.  I’m literally feeling dizzy over this.  How about Crimson Tide? Get Shorty?  Hoosiers!?  What the hell is happening to this country?

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