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Happy Election Day! Said only the most idiotic people in America by Dutch
November 6, 2012, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Current Events

If you walk up to me today and ask me who I voted for and even mention there’s an election going on, I might open palm slap you across the face.  The amount of diarrhea spewed on Facebook and Twitter has been uncanny.  More than I can ever remember.  It has brought out the most insufferable people on the planet and to think there’s just one more day of this bullshit is unreal.  It’s like Christmas Eve when I was 6.  Too excited to sleep.

And don’t give me shit saying “this is the biggest election of your life!”  No it’s not.  At this point, we’ve passed the generations of change makers and now just have corporate stooges who couldn’t change a fucking lightbulb.  Whether your name is Hussein or Mittens, half of america will be against you at all times.  Nothing can get done in a country with no unity so honestly, I could care less who wins this election because we’re all fucked anyway.


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